Sick & Shut In List

A Card of Cheer Would Uplift Our Sick and Shut-In

"Is anyone of you sick? He should call for the elders of the church and they should pray over him and pour a little oil upon him calling on the Lord to heal him. And their prayer, if offered in faith, will heal him, for the Lord will make him well; and if his sickness was caused by sin. the Lord will forgive him." James 5:14


Brother Carl Allen

Deacon Eugene Davis

Brother King Hunter

Deacon Reginald McCoy

Brother Freddie Vaughn

Sister Laurantte

Sister Doris Dixon

Sister Debra C. Drake

Sister Irma Henry

Sister Nancy Johnson

Sister Velma Karr Johnson

Sister Patricia Martin

Sister Geraldine Moody

Sister Everlyn Sanders





Sunday Service -10:00 am
Lord Supper Observed 2nd Sunday - 10:00am

Tuesday Prayer Meeting- 5:45 pm

Tuesday Bible Study - 6:30 pm

Thursday Prayer & Praise Worship ~ 12:00 Noon

Computer Classes - TBA

Library Services - TBA

Tutoring Service - TBA

Computer Lab

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