Church History

"And I say also unto thee, that thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it." Matthew 16:18

On September 22, 1929, during the great economic depression, the Mt. Pilgrim Baptist Church was organized and pastored for 47 years by the late Rev. Clarence Ellis Brooks, Sr. This church was set apart as a Baptist church under the auspices of the First District Missionary Baptist Association of New Orleans, Louisiana. This Structure at 1011 Pailet Street, Harvey, Louisiana, due to a zoning change, later became 811 Pailet Avenue. This was a very small 24x14 one room building, with few furnishings and a potbelly stove. It had a membership of three; namely, the late Sisters Elisa Lane, Bertha Lane Brooks, and Parlie Warmington. There were also two children in attendance; the late Sister adeline W. Lazard and the late Brother Clarence Ellis Brooks, Jr. Under the successful leadership of the late pastor and the efforts of those dedicated members the church membership increased and the structure expanded. During the 47 years under the pastorate of the late Rev. Brooks and the late associate minister Rev. Ernest Roussel, Sr., several renovations were accomplished.

On June 23, 1976, God called Rev. Brooks from labor to reward. Under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, the membership unanimously elected associate minister Rev. John A. Brooks Sr., son of the late pastor, to serve as pastor of the Mt. Pilgrim Baptist Church. He was installed August 13, 1976, by the Westside Missionary Baptist Association, The late Rev. Dr. L. H. Kieffer, president.

Pastor Brooks, also led by the Holy Spirit, saw the need for a new edifice. This idea was conceived due to the increasing membership , which brought about constant limitations of the seating capacity in the auditorium of the church. With years of prayerful dedication, loyalty, and persistence of our pastor, diligent membership and loyal friends, the Lord blessed us with this church at 922 Estalote Street. This church was dedicated unto the Lord by the said association on January 6, 1985.

Truly, Rev. C. E. Brook's vision of "Tall Oaks from Little Acorns Grow" is apparent. On September 30, 1993, the financial obligation of this building was paid in full. This was accomplished in 8 years and 8 months through faith in our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ, the foresightedness of our pastor, tithing and liberal contributions of this membership. Note burning was observed January 25-30, 1994.

For 28 years Mt. Pilgrim has been blessed with many improvemnents under the inspired leadership of Pastor John A. Brooks, Sr. In 1999, in an effort to fully carry out the Great Commission, mandated by our Christ in Matthew Chapter twenty eight, this church and Pastor began planning a building that would enable us to carry out the various ministries of the church, as well as Christian Education and Fellowship facilities. After six years the Lord has blessed us with the Mount Pilgrim Multi-Purpose Christian Center. Ground breaking ceremonies were held on September 5, 2004.

It is our sincere desire to serve God's people and our entire community as well as lead the lost to Christ. May all praise, honor, and glory go to Almighty God as we didicate this facility on May 29, 2005 at 1:00 p.m.




Sunday Service -10:00 am
Lord Supper Observed 2nd Sunday - 10:00am

Tuesday Prayer Meeting- 5:45 pm

Tuesday Bible Study - 6:30 pm

Thursday Prayer & Praise Worship ~ 12:00 Noon

Computer Classes - TBA

Library Services - TBA

Tutoring Service - TBA

Computer Lab

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